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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 26, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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it is happening in san francisco. a suspected it drunk driver struck a cable car in union square about 40 minutes aping. the suv hit the car at powell and gear restreets. >> both members of the cable car's crew ended up being taken to the hospital after suffering minor injuries, but none of the cable car's passengers were hurt. >> we have a live look for you now at the scene. police have taken the driver of that suv into custody.
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they say he appears in tokes indicated. investigators are still on the scene right now interviewing witnesses. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. our other top story, a 12-year-old boy is in critical condition tonight after a freak accident. a huge tree came crashing down on the tent he and his buddy were camping in. it happened at san mateo county memorial park. that is seven miles east. alan wang is live at lucille packard children's hospital in palo alto where that young man is being treated. alan, how is he? >> the boy is listed in critical condition. memorial park is where they were m cay and it is -- where ng and it camping and it is about 17 miles from here. paramedics were on the scene in less than 15 minutes because there was a fire station down the road. cams heard a loud crack followed by screams coming from camp site d1. an oak tree fell on this tent at memorial park in san mateo
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county and two 12-year-old boys were sleeping inside. >> it was a tan oak tree. probably 15 to 20 inches in diameter and 50 to 60 feet tall. >> david holland says the tree fell short of completely crushing pell, but the impact of the trunk as it flexed across one boy's pelvis was enough to cause critical injuries. the other boy escaped with cuts and bruises. >> as far as i know there was no wind conditions that contributed to this. >> the boys were part of a week long family gathering that returned year. each year. some members from california, some from arizona. >> total surprise. have not heard of such a thing. >> dorothy meyers says they do a good job at grooming the camp sites. san mateo county says they have a program that checks for rotten trees. investigators say the fallen tree has obvious sign of brown
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[cubical|cubicle] rot which is common in oaks, but they are not sure of the tree's health when it was examined this past spring. >> it is a whole procedure looking at the condition of the tree and the shape it is in and which way it liens and those kinds of things. if we give it a hazardous tree rating re-- we remove the tree. jay dave holland says a further examination of the records will explain why that tree passed the examination this past spring. reporting live at lucille packard children's hospital in palo alto, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. smie an suv carrying students from -- an suv carrying students from a surf camp rolled off the road and injured two people. it happened when the 21-year-old driver failed t a navigate a curve. the suv plunged 150 feet into a ravine. the driver suffered a cut to his head. one student complained of neck pain. the other three were
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uninjured. a disturbing case of animal abuse in money tau ray county. monterey county. dozens of live cats seized and dozens more found dead. they were found in see side and brought to the spca in salinas. that sorry from leslie brinkley. >> reporter: 51 survivors, all adult cats are recouperating in a makeshift cat their rescue came after a property manager in seaside came across dead kittens during an annual apartment inspection. investigators on tuesday found 113 dead kittens in the apartment and in a nearby home. they are not releasing the exact location. >> it was really rather gruesome at the apartment. we were able to tie that into the residence where we had another investigation going on. we got the search warrant for both places at the same time.
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>> reporter: investigators found 50urns with the cremated remains of more cats. all of the cats were thank you born or a few weeks old. all of the living cats were crammed into the garage in a bedroom of the home. some were holed up in the box spring of the bed. the rescued cats were well fed, but neglected with infections, parasites and worms. all are expected to survive. many of the rescued cats are highly stressed and hiding in these crates. none were microchipped, and there are a fear that some may have been people's pets scooped up off the streets. >> we are get august lot of calls already -- a lot of calls from people who have cats missing and are hoping a good outcome can come from this tragic case, and they might be reunited with their long lost pets. >> to far there are no arrests. >> there were two family members. we don't know who is actually the owner. we know where they were, and they could have been back and forth. >> luckily these cats were saved.
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>> we are so honored we were able to rescue them. sadly it was too late for the 113 kittens, but we will do all we can to bring those to justice. >> in monterey county, leslie brinkley, abc news. to the tragedy in colorado now. the man accused of the deadly movie theater shooting rampage may have mailed a notebook to a school detailing his plans. the you have the of -- the university of colorado said it received a suspicious package on monday prompting an evacuation. the school is refusing to say whether james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist. and tonight holmes' neighbors were finally allowed to return to their apartments for the first time since they were evacuated because of his booby-trapped unit. and now to an abc news exclusive. michael jackson's mother is speaking for the first time since paris tweeted that she was missing. katherine jackson says there are a lot of lies surrounding her family drama. >> there are rumors going out
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about me about i was kidnapped and held against my will. i am here to let everybody know i am fine. >> tito jackson was temporary guardian after he was worried the chirp would thought let her go home. she has not spoken to her grandchildren since july 15th despite numerous attempts to reach her. you can hear katherine jackson's full statement, and why she said she would not speak to her grandchildren. a modesto gas station is the focus of protests after an employee told a veteran he was not welcome. nearly 100 people held signs outside this chevron station. the air force reservist went in to buy a soda, but huey was told -- but he was told he was not welcome because of his military connection. >> he said he didn't like serving my people, that my people didn't belong in his country. >> what country did he say --
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>> he did not. i left after that. >> when i hear about somebody not respecting a member of our military, i can certainly appreciate why people feel strongly about that. >> chevron officials were on hand to meet with them. kelstron says he was satisfied after the meeting. the store's owner says the employee is being taught what can and cannot be said to customers. coming up here next, a couple fighting to keep their goats. >> goats are like lays potato chips. you can't have just one. >> and they do not. this family has dozens that have over run their million dollar property. the abc7 news eye team questions why local officials let it get out of hand. >> and still ahead, a computer worm attack with a rock music twist. reports coming from an iranian nuclear lab.
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a sa -- sonoma county couple went to court trying to keep their goats in their yard. >> for years they were a nuisance, and nothing has been done about it. neighbors call the area the goat ghetto.
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>> the eye team has been investigating, and tonight dan noyes has the story. >> when they bought their house in 2005 for $1 million 360,000, it was in great shape. it was just a few years old. three bedrooms, five bathes, 3700 square feet. but now they admit it is a their neighbors believe they are hoarders. collector of junk. >> have i to admit that. >> i counted 10 cars that haven't moved in years. bicycles, machinery and inextinguishable junk litter the yard and block the driveway. the retired high school science teacher and his wife, a former real estate investor gave me a tour, but only to a point. >> the big question is can i see inside? >> what? in the house? no. nobody is allowed in the house. >> but the biggest complaint the neighbors had is the goats.
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they are everywhere, inside the junk, climbing on top of it, lounging in the shade of the home's four acres. >> over here is donna. >> ken and nancy admit to having a hundred goats earlier this year. they are down to 85 now. each one has a name. >> they call this one beyonce. did you meet luke skywalker? that is princess lie yaw and i don't know if luke is up here or not. >> it started when she bought one goat to control the weeds. >> goats are like lays potato chips. you can't have just one. >> they woulding a september any and all unwanted goats. >> did you ever say no to anyone? >> no. even though animal control asked us not to accept more we can't say no. >> why? >> because the animal will get eaten. if it is a give away goat on the market. >> ken and nancy have set up a
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goat rescue even though they are limited to 45 animals. the goats are causing serious problems in the pry set estate section of pen grove. full of large homes on manicured lawns. first of all they are escape artists. >> as you can see in the pictures i over 22 goats in my ward. there is a hole in my fence so my neighbor's goats were visiting. >> there is is a pool and a cover and they can fall in that, and they were getting caught in between the electric pool cover. they ate all of our vegetation. they ate all of the good stuff. >> the goats have eaten the bark off the trees on ken and nancy's property, killing them and giving neighbors a clear view of the mess. when it rains all of their manure washes down the creek in the neighbor's yard. a local pond tested high for e-coli. >> it is smelly, there are more flies. it is a health hazard. >> we all abide by the laws. we just expect the laws to be
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equally enforced. >> been have been tocomplainingy public official who would listen. de sheriff's department, animal control, mosquito abatement, the fire department, the health department. they have come out to the property repeatedly, yet the goats remain.>> nob >> nobody has control in the situation. the government doesn't have control. the community doesn't have control. nothing gets resolved. >> when you really want to get your neighbor's goat, you start raising goats. >> ben newman has been overseeing the case for the resource management department. he gave them 30 days to fix it. that was a year and a half jay we are based on a priority basis. and we deal with a multitude of issues anywhere from the life safety issues down to the neighborhood nuisance issues. and this is not a highest priority issue, unfortunately. >> animal care and control
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finally got ken and nancy to court on misdemeanor charges. failure to fence in livestock and allowing their dog to enter the property of another where livestock is kept. in a plea agreement they agreed to remove the goats. they also told the court they have to move out because the home is being foreclosed. the county is scheduled to show up with trailers on august 1st to take away all of the goats. >> it is garbagement i am not afraid to say that, and i would say the same thing in court. it is a travisty. this is not equitable and it is not justice. >> this is rambo. >> the neighbors believe the county is finally taking action because the i team has been investigating. it is going to be a huge job to remove so many goats. ken and than see failed to newter the animals or keep the genders apart so they are adding to the problem. if you have a tip for our next investigation e-mail abc
1:24 am or call us. for the eye team, dan noyes, abc7 news. lot of goats. >> a lot of goats. let's turn your attention to the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is tracking that for us. >> we will inch closer to summertime averages. until then the cool pattern will stick around a. looking at this time lapse from our emeryville camera, the low clouds hanging out near the coast really made a push in over the bay this evening, and on their way to the inland valleys. as you look at live doppler 7hd right now, you will see the coverage of the low clouds. this is a very deep marine layer. it has ramped up to 2400 feet and a good wind flow coming off the ocean, the low clouds are making their way out to the bayside communities. santa rosa is reporting overcast skies with oakland, hayward, and before you know it, inland valleys will be socked in as well. the temperatures right now are
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in the 50s and in the 60s. today's high temperatures are 60 in pacifica, 86 degrees in fairfield. a pretty narrow range, only a 26-degree spread. we know in the summertime we get a 30 to 40-degree spread between coast and inland. misty overnight and still cooler than normal for your thursday and friday, and it is going to be a little warmer by the time we hit the weekend. here is where the heat is at, basically from the desert southwest to the mid-atlantic states. the hot weather is there. we are under the influence of this cooler air mass. it is a trough along the west coast, so the below average temperatures will continue inland for your thursday and friday. by the weekend though a little bit warmer. this area of cooler air is going to shift away from the area, and that will allow the warmth to return. it is not going to be a heat wave. it is just slightly warmer conditions. tomorrow morning you might want to grab a sweater or jacket as you head out t e door. it will be a cooler start. low to upper 50s, and you will wake up to widespread fog
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and low clouds. even misty along the coastline. you may need the wipers first thing in the morning. widespread gray for the morning, and then the fog and the low clouds are pulling away to near the beaches. updated computer model, not clearing the coast once again. we will have some areas of fog lingering. 60s coast side, 80s inland. we will drop the temperaturesmoe a couple more degrees for your thursday. 77 in the south bay for san jose. 75 in sunnyvale. los gatos up to 80. sunshine on the peninsula. most lea sun me skies around menlo park. 70 in san ma day -- san mateo. cool, breezy. you certainly need a jacket there. downtown san francisco, 63. 60 in the sunset district. we get you up into the north bay. it is not a real wide range. 58 at bodega bay. 88 in clear lake. 76 in napa. east bay communities, oakland, up to 68 degrees. 70 in hayward, san leandro, 72
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union city. heading to our inland community and the heat is giving us a break. beautiful in fairfield. 80 degrees. concord, dublin, upper 70s. 61 in caramel, up to 80 in morgan hill. below normal for two more days as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. and then by the weekend a little bit warmer, especially inland. upper 80s inland by then. monday through wednesday we are getting you up to the low 90s range along the inland valleys. coastal areas in the 60s. first thing in the morning mike niko will be here carolyn and dan tracking some flight delays as we have overcast skies. >> thank you, sandhya. we want to take a moment to say thank you to some of the people who are helping raise thousands of dollars for bay area foster kids by liking us on facebook. cara kay from walnut creek and janet m from san jose, thank you. you can make a difference too. like us at
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news, and $1 will to donated to the abc7 sleep train dream campaign. just ahead, buckie balls, fun for adults, dangerous for kids. >> the lawsuit that could ban the powerful magnets f [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪
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♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. losing attraction among safety. experts. now the consumer product safety commission is banning
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buckie balls or buckie cubes. children have been swallowing these tiny magnets which can pierce a person's intestine. the company has refused to issue a recall. the company vows to fight today's lawsuit. iranian nuclear scientists may have banged their heads after a worm forced their computers to play and repeat the acdc song "thunder struck" at full blast. the cyber strike targeted two of iran's nuclear plants. iran contended the facilities will produce energy for peaceful purposes, but many suspect tehran is building autumn make make -- atomic weapons. it was sent by an unnamed iranian scientist in finish ped la. in finland. and in sports, spider-man is not only playing on the big screen. >> an amazing catch. >> who knew spiedy wore green and gold?
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josh reddick
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it is hard to believe what the a's were doing. what was the weakest offense
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is in full volcanic eruption. the second inning was like a marathon, especially for the bluejays. cocoa crisp got it going for the athletics. just getting started, johnny gomes, an r.b.i single and 3-0. welcome to ricky romero's nightmare on the hill. they bat around. norris is up and knocks in chris carter. 9-0a's. now for the defensive play of the night and travis snider and a drive to right. he climbs the wall and holds on and makes the grab. yes, i am part spider. aj griffin, that's my man, climbing the wall. cocoa crisp made it 11-0. crisp had three hits. griffin with smoke or encarnacion. griffin now 3 and 0. the caper in the night, moss drives in hicks. a's 16 and bluejays dazed and
1:34 am
confused. a's have won seven straight. giants and padres and santa with a summertime cameo. hi, santa. timlin saw um c trying to build -- tim lincecum strikes out vennible. so far, so good and then chase headily. that's not so good. a bomb to left center. and that is gone. 1-0 padres. and it it got worse. that's like a batting practice fast ball. timmy grooved it and guzman whacked it. two homers and lincicum gave up five runs and he is now 4 and 11. giants almost pull it out. a blooper and scores white side. hohoho -- no. houston street strikes out cabrera. san diego wins it 6-3. giants remain two and a half up on the dodgers. the mls allstars played chelsea. he -- he did what he did best, score goals. david beckham, control
1:35 am
yourself, carolyn", and mls. 2-two game in the 91st minute and eddie johnson on the attack. this is off the back foot of lieu to you b sports y river rock casino. >> i was actually yawning at that moment. >> that's it. >> "nightline" is next. >> have a gr
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so whether or not he was speaking specifically -- >> not a distinction romney made initially, but he clarified it later. romney as governor of massachusetts he did sign in 2004, a ban on assault rifles and the federal law since expired too, and when asked about that in an interview he kind of took the same stance. i don't think we need to change the laws as they stand now. as the governor of massachusetts which he doesn't talk a lot about on the trail, he did support that kind of ban the federal government once had. but he has backed away from that since. >> so half of the democrats actually -- or don't agree with a ban on these assault weapons as well. >> just a matter of having a key conviction and sticking with it. hopefully, we'll see that soon. the presidential candidates will have a chance to debate gun control and many others come
1:38 am
october. they'll meet for three debates. the first on october 3rd will be about domestic policy. the second on the 16th of october will be a townhall meeting where people will ask the questions. the third, final one coming on october 22nd, that one will focus on foreign policy. well just hours after the senate voted to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle-class, president obama lashed out at republican lawmakers in the house. the president accused the gop of holding the tax cuts hostage. debates continue over extending the same cuts for the nation's wealthiest citizens as well. a move that would cost $1 trillion over the next decade. the historic drought leaving more than half of the country bone dry right now is about to deliver a financial blow to the american family. government economists warn that everyone should expect to shell out more at the supermarket. details now from abc's jim avila. >> what are the ones at the bottom? >> reporter: shopping day for barbara webb, bracing for a sharp jump in food prices over the next nine months. >> of course i am concerned. i am concerned for the people who can't afford it. >> reporter: usda forecast
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predicting nearly a 5% food price hike, an expensive jolt fueled by the great american drought that consumers will soon start to see at the checkout. you have a family of three, two children. approximately in a week you are spending what? >> $150. >> reporter: if the usda economists are right means she will spend $160 a week next year adding up to $500 more out of her yearly budget. a hike so broad it is difficult to shop around. affecting the foods americans eat most. last year's milk price, $3.57 a gallon. by early 2013, projected at $3.84. ground beef, 2011 price, $2.77 a pound. by next year, more than $3. eggs last year, $1.77 per dozen. by 2013, nearly $2. >> this year is very emblematic of the type of thing we worry about with climate change.


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